Clouddatasol - Education


CDS’ Educational ERP is a feature rich, highly flexible, user-friendly and cloud based school management software. It is built on cutting-edge Java technology and is robust & scalable. CDS’ ERP integrates all the functions, modules and departments and avoids manual intervention as much as possible. Our goal is to facilitate students, teachers, parents, the school management & other staff to utilize school/college/university data in a more structured manner to increase the efficiency and productivity of the process and be more connected and informed. CDS’ Educational ERP – school management software systems consists of various modules (called departments, functionally) integrated for the best utilization of resources.

Smart Attendance Tracking

Smart Attendance Tracking or Attendance Management software/system is one of the significant modules in Education ERP which keeps record of every student and also provides the live information to the parents. The fully connected Biometric system helps in sending alerts to the parents about the students and also about the employees in/out time to the management. This attendance management system is useful for the management to track the employees’ attendance and can be directly connected to the payroll module. We support various hardware devices for this dynamic attendance system.

Academics Management System

This module provides the leverage to add own subjects, periods time table, dairy for home work updates, exam time table and mark-sheets, progress reports, ranking, grading, certificate (TC, Bonafide, Conduct/Study…) generation. All these can be viewed by parent/student at any time on their Mobile App or Web Login provided.

Finance Management

Finance management module is a fundamental requirement for any organisation. This module in Education segment, manages Fees structure, Transport Fee, concessions, scholarships, penalty/fine, various payment modes (online payment gateway, cash, cheque, DD, credit/Debit Card), fees due management. In terms of staff (admin/teaching), Salary payslip, Bills entry, bills adjustments & consolidate bill reports, Employee advances, etc. Different kinds of statutory reports available.

Library Management

Library Management is module specially for educational institutes like; schools, colleges and universities. This maintains all the database of books in Department wise. This is helpful for tracking and searching of books used by students or staff. A book is a unique ID to track the location. Barcodes can be maintained for the tracking purpose.

Transport management

Transport management is for the students who use the school vehicles. This system allocates vehicle according to the student’s location. These vehicles will be installed with the navigation system by which tracking can be done by school management and parents. This module keeps the complete details of the vehicle status as insurance and permits. and also ahs the complete information of the driver assigned to a particular vehicle.


Today, communication has become an essential need. Every parent wants to be connected with the teachers to understand their child’s performance and status. CDS’ educational ERP provides the user-friendly methods for this purpose by giving access to the Web and Mobile Application. Periodic SMS will be sent by the school to the parents for any general announcements, Exam timetables, results, periodic attendance, etc.

ID Cards

CDS also provides smart ID cards for every student though this isn’t a part of ERP. It is a very good news for a parent and as well as school management that they would have the complete information of student’s in and out time. Proofing & Correction can be done in simplified way at your end.